perfect ooze of chocolat @ MOBSSIE (몹시) in Hongdae

"my partner in cafe" and I went to our wkday cafe hunt in Hongdae!

we decided to finally try that "chocolate place"! as we'd call it^^

The very first time we sneaked inside, it was a full house..

a cozy lil cute cafe packed with small groups..with chocolate goodness on their tables...mmm... HAVE TO GO IN..

we were put in a waiting list~ and declined to wait.. bc
we were either too hungry/cold/"in need of sweets RIGHT NOW!"..
so we decided on another day~


so we gave it a second chance few wks later.

and again a waiting list! IT HAD TO BE THAT GOOD?!!

we left our # and got a call within 10 or so and seated
waiting for our perfect chocolat goodness!

i dont remember the "official names" in french.. yes terrible of me :(

in English terms, they were "hot chocolate" and "chocolate lava cake"

we both got those two.. so 4 items total ;) and the waiter made sure we were getting that much..

oh how so greedy of us :P

we were definitely going to indulge in some major chocolate goodness... :)


it was soooo goood.....

i was too occupied savoring each bite and licks to even bother taking any pics of the oozing chocolat.

quite addicting really.

definitely waiting list worthy :)

mobssie chocolate cafe seoul hongdae

LOCATION: HONGDAE station, exit 5 (along an alley way)

ATMOSPHERE: small small place. tables are so close enough for eaves dropping :P cozy and can get cramped if not used to small places. enjoy it for the food~ i think it was all worth it.

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