my favorite place - Tartine (Itaewon)

anyone who knows me know how i really don't like pies...

BUT how that have changed.

could be my favorite from all the desserts.

i give credit to a pie/bakery cafe called TARTINE in Itaewon.
it's a small bakery shop hidden along the main street in Itaewon.

it's not too sweet and the shop serves excellent coffee and hot chocolate i have yet to try.

let's just say, i would eat here once a week! (to be realistic)..
but i would like to have it everyday?!

these are just some of the pies i've had so far..
well i only get one pie, pecan pie.
andrew likes to mix it up with blueberry or pecan..
but i stick to my favorite :)

enjoy!! if you're in seoul and need of some tart/pies! must visit here.

DIRECTIONS: Itaewon station. exit 1

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Pie Fan;
    I am happy that we were able to convert you to a pie lover, in Seoul no less. We sell over 1,000 of our small pies, plus our other baked items and beverages per week, and I still am not tired of pie. I truly love pie.

    I hope you will try our hot drinking chocolate, if you like chocolate, you will love our drinking chocolate. And if you can stand it, have a slice of our flourless chocolate torte with it –a la Mode is always best.

    Thank you for your kind words. Our 7 chefs and service staff of 14 look foreword to your next visit.
    Chef Garrett, Owner / Chef TARTINE Bakery & Café, Itaewon


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