la main douce - cafe in Hongdae

any seoul cafe critic, whether an absolute beginner or a top of the line pro, is well aware that the "paris" theme in this country is taken over the top. paris? really? totally overrated in my opinion. and this is a place of that exact theme. but.. theme isn't everything, right? absolutely not. the stenciled-on kitchen utensils were my favorite part of the entire cafe. the map of paris? not so much.

this place was nice and small~making it cozy and comfortable. and i mustn't fail to mention that the door on this place exceeds the size of my entire apartment. it was huge! our sweet eats of choice were definitely a success.

location: hongdae. if you're wandering or wondering in the area, go ahead and sneak a peek. and feel free to read a couple of books about paris while you're there. =)

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  1. whisker's first post ;) woohoo!!

    i agree about how obsessed koreans are w anything french themed..


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