my humble breakfast

cant start my day without toasts and eggs & coffee :)

it's the same everyday, but i haven't gotten tired of it yet^^

btw, Korea has some yummy eggs..
i lick the yolks clean.. :)

ive also come to love butter :D


  1. is that your cute little mug?!

    the toast looks done to perfection.. not underdone, not burnt.

    nice work~!

  2. hard to believe maybe, but that's big baboon's mug!! but im stealing it for a bit since he's not here to hog it :P

    thx! ^^ have you tried paris baguette's "morning toast"? the big thick cuts?! i like them! it's so buttery :)

  3. anything with butter, bacon, or cream cheese..
    and you have me SOLD!


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