flying pan "blue" - cafe in Itaewon

flying pan is our comfort cafe~ ^^ probably one of our first favorites from all of the other ones. it's warm and cozy. it's so easy to get into your own world here..

itaewon cafe flying pan blue seoul
(they always have fresh flowers towering over your head..)

something about the atmosphere, everytime ive been here, everyone is so engaged in their own conversation, laughing, chatting, lovey doving~.. you don't have to worry about bothering anyone. you can be loud or quiet..happy or sad.. kind of perfect for any occasion~

whether you're catching up with your girl friends over lattes and brunch or a date-like outting^^ this one really hits the spot.

itaewon cafe flying pan blue seoul
(one thing that hasn't changed (in taste) is my favorite here, MOCHA LATTE)

THE FOOD, has been a hit or miss.. sadly, it's been kind of going downhill since they've been expanding (i think now 3 different ones).. ive gotten some plates that werent up to par to what it was before..the consistency in quality is not so good.. but it's forgivable bc something about this place, the fresh flowers? the ever changing interior? the carefree atmosphere..

itaewon cafe flying pan blue seoul

if ur not too critical about what you're going to eat and want to try something comforting~..

LOCATION: Itaewon station, exit 2. turn left on street after Hardrock cafe and it's on your right after the Thai restaurant.

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