cafe at home (sangsu station)

ahhh, the title says it all. this was back in the day when we still had a cafe search party of three. always missing yean, and all of the liveliness she brought to the atmosphere.
cafes can never go wrong with books. (but this is coming out of the mouth of a non-korean speaking gal who can kill 3 hours in a korean bookstore.) i found the unorganized bookshelves crammed with a plethora of genres & languages to be... absolutely delightful.

we "ooed & ahed" over the cute little cookies served with our hot beverages.
if i recall correctly, this little find's bathroom was adorable and out of the ordinary.
but keep in mind;;
food, drinks, & interior aren't everything.
the company, whether it be close friends, a good read, or even an ipod jam-packed with some of your favorite tunes, can really make or break the whole "cafe" experience.
definitely head to this place~~put your feet up, take a load off, and do yourself some relaxing. your body will thank you later.
Sangsu Station, Exit 1

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  1. wow! this is probably our first encounter that started it all!! :) memories~~ miss our trio.


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