Moon over namsan tower

view from our home


Making pudding

For after dinner, hubby is cooking risotto and chicken!


Juicing: Apples & cucumber

Good thing apples are in season bc without apples I couldn't drink this.

Apples are the staple here. 2 tiny ones. One cucumber. kale leaves. And some cabbage. It turned out very sweet. Thanks to the apples.


Apples! Korean fall apples delivered!

Fall Apples.

Apples!!! Apples!!!

Our juicing apples arrived safely covered in little white sweaters...:).

Chocolate chips walnut cookie

I was grabbing my 2nd kitkat bar and realized it wasn't good enough to satisfy my chocolate craving... So I baked these for the chocolate :). Milk and cookie...happy!


Doshirak - rice/black beans/broccoli&hotdog stir fry/fried yellow pepper

I had extra energy tonight to whip up doshirak from what we have left in the fridge (I haven't gone grocery shopping and I'm kind of holding out until I need to). So I came up with these. Good thing I stock up on veggies when on sale (bc veggies prices have been volatile a lot nowadays). Oh and yes we're putting more veggies in our diet to stay regular (tmi sorry).

Rice (of course), black beans are good for health for many reasons - broccoli for veggies and turkey hotdog for a little meat taste - egg and yellow paprika.

My first celebrity in Korea!

Spotted my first celeb in Korea! I was excited like a noob, took a pic from a far and trotted my way out before it got crowded. They were filming cash cab! That guy is a singer-mc from a band called... I don't remember at top of my head... He looked a bit taller in person. Like when I saw lee minho from few steps away in Taiwan, he was super tall! Now I wonder how I'd react if I saw my saintly angie!!! ;). Probably freeze on awe...


baking at home...

since having moved in April to a new apartment, we've been less inclined to go to cafes...mainly because my frugal self thinks i can make them in a much affordable price..^^

so here goes some of my attempt earlier this year.

earl grey chiffon cake i try to imitate from PASSION5. it comes out okay(not as moist..), i actually havent baked this in a while..


Juicing in Korea

After watching "fat sick and nearly dead", I thought about buying a juicer. After talking about it with my brother, who's been juicing for a while, he helped me make up my mind and this very machine too :)

Here is our first attempt.

Well, I got excited and used too much ginger! So it turned out very medicinal tasting... Yuck yuck yuck! But surprisingly my hubs liked it! So that was worth all the fuss. Next time... NO ginger ever again!!!


Autumn 2011

What a beautiful day to enjoy the beautiful colors with an even greater company! Life is good...:). @samcheongdong

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