baking at home...

since having moved in April to a new apartment, we've been less inclined to go to cafes...mainly because my frugal self thinks i can make them in a much affordable price..^^

so here goes some of my attempt earlier this year.

earl grey chiffon cake i try to imitate from PASSION5. it comes out okay(not as moist..), i actually havent baked this in a while..

and my flimsy tiny nonexistent cream cheese spread on my cinnamon bun (again due to my frugality in not wanting to buy a $5 cream cheese)...^^

macadamia white chocolate cookie (my first and only one so far)

and a new recipe find, japanese pudding. i followed a very simple recipe from one of the cooking shows here in Korea. it turned out really good! not heavy, but very light :)

(only milk - egg - vanilla bean - sugar needed!)

(in the steamer~ voila)

(cooled and ready to spoon!)

im getting better in trying to not eliminate or substitute products bc of u know what..^^

one thing i like to splurge on is, chocolate cake..anything with chocolate. bad chocolate is just bad. horrible. well more on that later!^^


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