La Cachette (dessert house) @ Ichon-dong

seoul cafes ichon coffee

seoul cafes ichon coffee

They have the cutest coffee sleeves!


Banana Cake - no old bananas

Old bananas are perfect for a banana cake. 

banana cake korea

Winter dry skin - my remedies

Winter is harsh.. so harsh on my skin :(''

My skin is dry as a Sahara desert right now - it feels like I have a constant "mud mask" on that's drying out...

my little skin quenchers

Oyster Rice (gool-bap) & many side dishes

Gool-bap literally translates to "oyster rice".   They say it is hard to find a good restaurant in Seoul that serves good a gool-bap.

However, we were lucky that our foodie friend showed us the real thing.

Here comes the side dishes~


Japanese Ramen - Shinsegae Mall Food Court

For a fast lunch grub, we opted for Japanese Ramen at one of the Japanese Food Stall(?) in Shinsegae Mall's food floor.. We wanted something light and fast.

However, it tastes as it looks on the photo. 

Wilted on many areas.  The soup was bland.

Noodles with no taste and overall just boring.

It didn't please my taste buds at the time.  I was looking for something deep and tasty...

until the next grub!

Thanksgiving dinner in Korea - chicken for turkey

Thanksgiving feasts were always big back home in the states.  I remember my preparations a week before the big feast to make sure I had enough room in my stomach to eat everything I could - gluttony...

Those days are goners~~ long gone.  There are no thanksgiving feasts here.  You're lucky if you can feast over a turkey.  But I have happily gotten used to it.

It's a cold cold day in Seoul

Brrr! Stay warm Seoulites!


Burger Holic - freshly made burgers to order

We're lucky.  We have a small lil burger place in our neighborhood that makes fresh burgers made to order.

No wait, no burger!

Appropriately named, Burger Holic, they do it right.

trying to stop



hay's for horses

Korean traditional houses in SamCheong-dong

There's a little town up in the hill of Samcheong-dong called "han-ohk-ma-eul" - beautiful korean traditional houses - cluttered tightly. 

korean traditional house samcheongdong seoul

knock knock


Bibigo - Korean Casual Food Restaurant Chain

We came across Bibigo while strolling around Jongno area.  We found the restaurant tucked in a corner of a big office building.  

Bibigo is a great start or introduction to Korean food for those new to it, or for people who want to eat a "nicely presented" Korean food.

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
an order of bibimbap comes with a hot & cold soup on a tray

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
sweet & spicy chicken - starter

must buy apples at Emart (now!)

I love apples!  it's too bad that my husband is allergic to them :P  so we end up with fruits like bananas and pineapples or oranges...they're great, but they're not apples. I miss and missed my apples!

and voila - I see a great set of apples on the corner in Emart and voila - they are indeed yummy!

korean apples seoul
this bag has about 7~apples and only costs less than 5000won!

sneaking a peak - alley way in SamCheongDong (Seoul)

samcheongdong autumn fall seoul cafes

seeing and peeking in beyond the main streets - gets you somewhere interesting and new.

that's what I love about the cafe streets in Seoul - there's always something new and interesting.

let's see what the fall/winter has in season for the seoul cafe scene!

time to go cafe hopping soon!!!


Rice cake "birthday cake"

this birthday cake is all from rice - a birthday rice cake!

rice cake birthday cake
this could feed 20 people...@@

my husband received this delivery on his birthday from work.. and i can't get over how big and heavy this cake is... and I wonder how many cups of rice it took to make this?..

makgeoli nights (Korean rice wine)

makgeoli(rice wine) & jeon (Korean pancakes) is like the ultimate "Korean pub" experience.

specialty-regional- makgeoli(on the left) and seafood jeon as our grub

There are plently of makgeoli and jeon places in the city.

On a rainy night, you will see these places with people packed like sardines.

It's a nostalgic thing to have makgeoli on a rainy day... kind of romantic, no?

I miss nights like these - it's been long over due!

The ultimate grub with makgeoli has to be, JEON.
With kimchi, seafood, or oyster.. actually anything will do!

By the time you have the eats and makgeoli, you will be fuller than you imagined.

A nice way to get your dinner & drinks ;)


Olive Young - Korea's #1 Beauty & Health Store

Olive Young is giving away a "birthday can"(celebrating 13th year) gift that includes a mist, facial masks and 13 different samples with a purchase of 50,000won or over!

This special lasts until the end of this month 11/30/2012.


BONGA - beef grill restaurant

My husband swears by BONGA.  He declares how good the meat is.  It is, it is, but it's sliced too thinly, like paper sheets which falls apart while cooking.  I'm the "steak-chunky-cut meat" girl, but my husband prefers the marinated delicate meat.

seoul beef grill restaurant

Market O - Italian & pizza restaurant

I don't typically prefer dining in "big chain restaurants",
especially for pizza and Italian food.

But Market O proves me wrong.

garlic pizza - yummy!!

Baking & wrapping with cute cookie bags

Baking away baked goodies for gifts and wrapping them too.

Lemon pound cake & jam cookies

"midnight cookies"

Namsan Tower

this tower means so much to us.

since being in seoul, it has never left our vision.

will you still be around wherever we go~~~

girl crush - Shin Se Kyung

those chubby cheeks and healthy figure~ :)  gotta love this girl!

shinsekyung me2day photoshoot
photo from her m2day blog

Sushi Hyo - Japanese restaurant in Kangnam(Chungdam)

a meal here never disappoints.

sushi hyo kangnam japanese restaurant
"ma" salad

sushi hyo kangnam japanese restaurant

sushi hyo kangnam japanese restaurant


LINA's in COEX Mall (Samsung station)

LINA's in coex mall.

lina's sandwich coex mall seoul cafe

lina's sandwich coex mall seoul cafe

sandwiches are dainty and tasty.

Kimchijjigae hot pot restaurants in Seoul

kimchi jjigae seoul restaurant korea

Kimchi-jjigae as in "kimchi-soup" is a staple dish in Korea.

There are actually restaurants that only serve this dish alone.
No other menus, just the good old kimchi jjigae.

They will usually just ask you how many orders you want.

buses on strike today... Art work at Anguk station

waiting for the dear bus...

korean bus blue anguk station

as of 7:20am November 22, 2012, the buses are now back to normal.

the strike didn't last long - they declared that they were going to be on strike from 22nd, but due to the overwhelming demand and complaints - back to normal now.

strikes are rare in Korea.  no worries!   i think they were trying to make a point after the infamous "taxi as public transportation law" was passed?.. .im not too sure about this, but its going on right now - and we will see how and what turns out.

Daskalides Chocolate (store in Jungja-dong)

Daskalides Chocolate box....what a lovely packaging!

ohh chocolate~~ what's in it this time?~

Edible orange bites - Korean fruit

These are a bit bigger than the "big grapes" and thrown in your mouth and eaten as a whole.

I love these!

They're like the sweeter version of "limes",
but much much much sweeter!

i need a...


C&B cafe in Itaewon - Croissant sandwich, soup & dessert

This cafe was a nice surprise.  It's hidden away from the main street of Itaewon.  This doesn't suit the typical "Itaewon style" and has the cutest decor and food.

seoul cafes cafe itaewon dessert coffee
seoul cafes cafe itaewon dessert coffee

Hongdae - perfect for the walkers

A great area to just walk and take everything in.

hongdae walk cafe streets seoul

You will never know what you will come across next. 

hongdae walk cafe streets seoul
There's always something new to discover.

coffee & smiley face

even my coffee is telling me to smile more! :)

coffee smile korea cafe seoul


Okonomiyaki (Paleo style) - late night dish

You know those late night when your stomach won't leave you alone... I have many of those nights actually.. so I came up with this;

a "Paleo version" of Okonomiyaki, without the noodles.
With bits of bacon and eggs - it's like a one big scrambled egg.

INGREDIENTS: use leftovers

_ Cut up cabbage (1/4 head)
_ Cut up onions
_ Bacon (anything ham-y will do)
_ 1 egg
_ Mayonaise (1 TB)
_ Japanese sauce (base) (1 TB)
_ Salt & Pepper

1) Saute onions and bacon in olive oil
2) Add cabbage, saute until it begins to wilt (med. heat)
3) Mix egg/mayo/j.sauce in saucer - add to pan
4) Saute until the eggs and cabbages are cooked

Serve & eat!


Jeju black pig(pork) grill(bbq) restaurant - HEUK DON GA

HEUK DON GA is a famous restaurant known for its Jeju black pigs - pork.  They are by far the cleanest and tastiest restaurant that serves this special meat.

Jeju black pigs are highly priced for the taste and not many restaurants can boast about its authentic meat like H.D.G.

table setting all ready, except the meat~

yummy fresh side dishes
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