Okonomiyaki (Paleo style) - late night dish

You know those late night when your stomach won't leave you alone... I have many of those nights actually.. so I came up with this;

a "Paleo version" of Okonomiyaki, without the noodles.
With bits of bacon and eggs - it's like a one big scrambled egg.

INGREDIENTS: use leftovers

_ Cut up cabbage (1/4 head)
_ Cut up onions
_ Bacon (anything ham-y will do)
_ 1 egg
_ Mayonaise (1 TB)
_ Japanese sauce (base) (1 TB)
_ Salt & Pepper

1) Saute onions and bacon in olive oil
2) Add cabbage, saute until it begins to wilt (med. heat)
3) Mix egg/mayo/j.sauce in saucer - add to pan
4) Saute until the eggs and cabbages are cooked

Serve & eat!

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