McDonald's - Seoul Finance Center Mall (Youido)

 I don't hate on McD's as I used to.  I can't believe I stayed away from meat as long as I did, but I've come to respect what my body wants (but with moderaton...).  There are days when I just want a good old cheeseburger with a chocolate sundae (my combo).

I do frequent McD's more in Korea because I find the food fresher and tastier compared to the states.

But I do stick to the ones I know - like this one in Youido inside Seoul Finance Center Mall (Youido station, exit3).  It's fairly new and has fast service.

The McD's here usually have pretty decent food quality.  I get an err sometimes, but not often.  

McCafe's coffee is not bad for the price too!  Coffee prices here are over $3 for a decent cup in big coffee shops.  McD's is a nice cheat for me - I can get a cup of coffee while eating my sundae :)

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