Bistecca - Italian restaurant

(from 2010)

from the first to the last bite.... amazing

we were seated with a view of namsan tower thanks to our reservation^^

rib eye steak (their specialty) & veggie side dish

simple yet complex. i love these type of dishes. nothing but the ingredients to taste~ the atmosphere is very comfortable and cozy too. the waiting staff were also very friendly and pleasant. ah to top it off,

TIRAMISU!!! ive had my share of yummy tasting tiramisu ;) but this one.. this one, could be their real specialty~ it's scooped right on the plate.. ahh the delicate flavors~

ahh great coffee too~ i asked for refills^^ (it was that good of a coffee!) two cups of coffee at the end of dinner.. and our happy selves.. :) by the end, it felt like we were home finishing dinner with a cup of coffee chatting over who shouldn't do the dishes~^^..

(pics from my handy dandy camera which im carrying and putting more to use~ bc dslrs are great but are pain in the butt to carry around~^^)

LOCATION: along the street called "kyung li dan" on way up to Hyatt hotel in Namsan. look for the restaurant on your left after you pass by a vineyard looking wall on your right (which is a wine store if im correct). Great food, friendly staff, dessert & coffee is up to par~ everything you need for a perfect evening~

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