makgeoli nights (Korean rice wine)

makgeoli(rice wine) & jeon (Korean pancakes) is like the ultimate "Korean pub" experience.

specialty-regional- makgeoli(on the left) and seafood jeon as our grub

There are plently of makgeoli and jeon places in the city.

On a rainy night, you will see these places with people packed like sardines.

It's a nostalgic thing to have makgeoli on a rainy day... kind of romantic, no?

I miss nights like these - it's been long over due!

The ultimate grub with makgeoli has to be, JEON.
With kimchi, seafood, or oyster.. actually anything will do!

By the time you have the eats and makgeoli, you will be fuller than you imagined.

A nice way to get your dinner & drinks ;)

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