must buy apples at Emart (now!)

I love apples!  it's too bad that my husband is allergic to them :P  so we end up with fruits like bananas and pineapples or oranges...they're great, but they're not apples. I miss and missed my apples!

and voila - I see a great set of apples on the corner in Emart and voila - they are indeed yummy!

korean apples seoul
this bag has about 7~apples and only costs less than 5000won!

I made sure I sniffed the bag to check if they smelled like real apples.  They smelled yummy, but didn't look perfect (that's a good thing!)

I trusted my guts and behold - cheap and great apples for less than 5000won.

korean apples seoul emart
my pre-dinner snack and not dessert!

They are amazing!  If you have an emart around, get these apples.  For the cheap price - you will get great tasting apples and not the "blah" ones :)

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