Burger Holic - freshly made burgers to order

We're lucky.  We have a small lil burger place in our neighborhood that makes fresh burgers made to order.

No wait, no burger!

Appropriately named, Burger Holic, they do it right.

The buns are super soft and freshly baked.  It is also not as "greasy/oily" as other made to order burger places - like "five guys" back at home.  The quality is similar, but much "fresher" and "lighter".

Everything that goes in - meat patties and veggies - have always been tasty and fresh.  No wilted cabbage yet - I really do praise this place.

sweet potatoe fries - not very good

However... the fries aren't as good as their burgers.  The fries lack flavor and always has been. 

But all forgivable; the burgers will do!

To learn more about BURGER HOLIC;


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