Winter dry skin - my remedies

Winter is harsh.. so harsh on my skin :(''

My skin is dry as a Sahara desert right now - it feels like I have a constant "mud mask" on that's drying out...

my little skin quenchers

I've been spraying my face with these facial mists - constantly - but I still feeling very very dry... 

But I've gone through this before.  My skin is such a pain in the winter.  I just have to be patient and do the things I've been doing.  I'm not going to panic - nope - stay cool~~~ and do what's I've been doing::


 1) Keep indoor plants for humidity
 And don't forget to water them! (remind myself)

2) Turn on the "humidifier" - all day
 This giant air purifier has a humidifier mode that we turn on when the humidity gets below 50%.
We try to keep it around 50~60%.  It works super hard nowadays bc without it, the humidity in our home is usually around 30%.   Why all the fuss?  Well - it's good for the skin :)  Keeping humidity high also gets the room temperature warmer - savings on those heating bills ;)

3) Use my "emergency cream" 

 I have a stash of La Mer I put away for emergencies - only emergencies & for travel.  These are medicine for my skin.  It's not cheap - but they're worth it! (I'm frugal but I weigh in the value ;)

For an alternative - everyday cream - I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.  No other "wannabe product" gets close to these two products.

Tips on La Mer:  
Some complain about the "heavy"ness of the cream - but it's rich for a purpose - to nourish the skin.  I use them when my skin goes off balance and it always does its job.  Use a small amount*  A little goes a long way.


  1. i love the spray you gave me for my birthday... keep it right at my workdesk always within reach so i can stay moisturized^^ the smell is so nice, too.


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