Bibigo - Korean Casual Food Restaurant Chain

We came across Bibigo while strolling around Jongno area.  We found the restaurant tucked in a corner of a big office building.  

Bibigo is a great start or introduction to Korean food for those new to it, or for people who want to eat a "nicely presented" Korean food.

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
an order of bibimbap comes with a hot & cold soup on a tray

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
sweet & spicy chicken - starter

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
Sauces are separated so you can add to your liking

bibigo jongno restaurant bibimbap
freshly made to order bibimbap

I found the taste overall simple and clean.  Nothing exciting or too different.  But definitely made ordering Korean food easy and with options.

You can choose from different rice(white/barley..etc) to meat(pork, chicken...) and sauces.

Bibimbap made to order.

You can turn it into a "hot" bibimbap,
a regular bowl (like on photos),
or a salad.

They also have smaller dishes to share (starters).

Clean food, good choices, and open spaced restaurant.

I would recommend this restaurant to those new to Korean food and who are on the picky side :)

To learn more about Bibigo;


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