Kimchijjigae hot pot restaurants in Seoul

kimchi jjigae seoul restaurant korea

Kimchi-jjigae as in "kimchi-soup" is a staple dish in Korea.

There are actually restaurants that only serve this dish alone.
No other menus, just the good old kimchi jjigae.

They will usually just ask you how many orders you want.

I prefer restaurants that specialize in one thing.

Whether that be, meat, soups, or whatever it might be,
Korean restaurants usually prefer to serve one type of thing that they can specialize on.

kimchi jjigae seoul restaurant korea
basic side dishes

The quality is pretty much on the spot.
So if you come across a restaurant that does one thing - you're pretty safe.

Just make sure there are customers inside if its a pretty busy hour.  That's how I usually like to pick restaurants.

The busier the better.

And if you are iffy about "unkept looking" restaurants.  You might be put off to know that some of the best tasting authentic restaurants look "old".

I say this because in Korea, a good restaurant doesn't always come with "good decor".

There is a tradition in the restaurant business here that you don't change the decor -chairs/colors/even the roof- you started with if you want to keep going (with the business).

So you will see restaurants that have old chairs and tables from the 1990s.. old looking signs that look outdated.. I can go on~

Don't let that put you off. 

Food comes first here!


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    1. Hi,

      The restaurant is located off exit 4 of AEOGAE (line 5, purple line) station. It's about a 2~3 minutes walk down the exit, right before the S-OIL gas station, there will be a restaurant on the corner street before the gas station on your left^^


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