BONGA - beef grill restaurant

My husband swears by BONGA.  He declares how good the meat is.  It is, it is, but it's sliced too thinly, like paper sheets which falls apart while cooking.  I'm the "steak-chunky-cut meat" girl, but my husband prefers the marinated delicate meat.

seoul beef grill restaurant

But I gotta give this restaurant props for the taste and value.  You can order the spicy version (which is on the pics), which is actually not as spicy as it looks.  I can't believe how "red" it does look on photos though.

If you're tired of bulgogi and galbi, BONGA will give you a different taste.  The meat is very delicate and the sauce is not over powering.  I would recommend this to the newbies.

It also comes with these nice selection of fresh vegetable for wraps.

seoul beef grill restaurant

seoul beef grill restaurant

BONGA is a chain restaurant.  They have locations all over the country.

Price is not expensive and good value.  Recommended for big groups. 
It can get quite loud during the busy nights. 


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  1. Ia this the brisket - Woo Samgyup? We are headed to Seoul later this month for the first time and want to try Bonga.


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