Baking & wrapping with cute cookie bags

Baking away baked goodies for gifts and wrapping them too.

Lemon pound cake & jam cookies

"midnight cookies"

cute cookies wraps makes the cookies look better ;)

working away~ happily~

need to learn more about "wrapping"...

I don't bake as much as I used to after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu(pastry) 2 years ago.  It was intense.  Don't enroll in LCB if it's not your career path! (save your tuition)

No regrets though!  I've learned so much and appreciate a good dessert after all the experience.
I have a bad habit of over analyzing my sweets though~..

I miss the intensive baking sometimes which we did for 3 hours every class,
it's so competitive and busy!

but I've gotten a bit too relaxed on that department..

I now just bake for munchies for ourselves and others.  

However, it helps when there are so many cute things to wrap your cookies and goodies with :)

I still have yet to stock up on my cookie wraps that I've run out!..

gotta visit the Bangsan market soon!

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  1. Hello ^^ I just randomly happen to in here. I wonder if you would want to share the recipe of the choc cookies as i looveeeee choc chip cookies and always want to bake it from different recipe..^^


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