tora-b (cafe in Hapjeong-Hongdae)

tora-b is just a little baby bear. tucked away, not so visibile for the world to see, you gotta be careful. this place could be easily missed with the blink of an eye.

but as we've all heard, size isn't everything.

little odds & ends for sale;; cute little dessert forks and such;; cat things;;; all of that jazz. and i also thoroughly enjoyed tora-b due to its support for local art. always a plus.



flying pan "blue" - cafe in Itaewon

flying pan is our comfort cafe~ ^^ probably one of our first favorites from all of the other ones. it's warm and cozy. it's so easy to get into your own world here..

itaewon cafe flying pan blue seoul
(they always have fresh flowers towering over your head..)

something about the atmosphere, everytime ive been here, everyone is so engaged in their own conversation, laughing, chatting, lovey doving~.. you don't have to worry about bothering anyone. you can be loud or quiet..happy or sad.. kind of perfect for any occasion~

whether you're catching up with your girl friends over lattes and brunch or a date-like outting^^ this one really hits the spot.

itaewon cafe flying pan blue seoul
(one thing that hasn't changed (in taste) is my favorite here, MOCHA LATTE)

pastry goods from Macau

andrew got these pastry goods from Macau! looks pretty ordinary, but looks are deceiving~

these yummos by far, were the tastiest stuff ive had!!!!

the cookies were sooo delicate..taste of milk/lemon/caramel/peanuts... mmmmmm...
(im awful at describing things.. doing no justice here) and that sponge cake(?)!!!!!!!!!! how it melts like butter like air.. like nothing ive tasted before......

new found love... baking

me.. im very much a noobie in baking...BUT how i LOVE it!

im determined to bake every other day (resting a day in between to eat them).. because soon, i will be going to pastry school!! i need lots and lots of practice!! ^^

i do not want to be wasting my money and spending most of my time getting "used to" things.. SO, i am going to bake as much as i can ^^ and so far so good and so fun~

i finally got myself into buying my first baking book in korean.. and also some CUTE baking ware, in MINI ^-^

but how i wish the ingredients were much cheaper here.. i am frugal indeed.. i wish i would have been baking much earlier while i was home home (states)... i guess better late than never...^^ practice practice practice!


bom nal (cafe in Hongdae)


spring day...

most would think this cafe's name would be quite fitting for this time of year;;; but in all honesty, the calendar is telling us to "think spring", but the weather is telling us different. although winter has been in and out the back door a handful of times this year, i'm hoping that it has said farewell for good. or at least until it's that time of year i'm wishing for a white christmas...

this meatless sandwich was mmm-MMM gooood~i can never go wrong with mozzarella cheese.



chocolat chocolate i love you - Mobssie cafe

you know you're obsessed with chocolate when you __________________.

so we ended up in hongdae to fulfill our chocolate madness after being in the same block 2 days ago... too much? well, until you try these you'll probably understand why.. ^^

started with this favorite of ours from MOBSSIE,

mobssie chocolate cafe hongdae seoul cute

and ended the night with this yummy concoction... (from a cafe just few block down from mobssie - more photos soon about this new cafe!)

mobssie chocolate cafe hongdae seoul cute

chocolate & more... :)


my humble breakfast

cant start my day without toasts and eggs & coffee :)

it's the same everyday, but i haven't gotten tired of it yet^^

btw, Korea has some yummy eggs..
i lick the yolks clean.. :)

ive also come to love butter :D


B1 floor (Hongdae cafe) - sandwiches & more

the sandwiches were satisfying~
a little of this, a little of that...
some black olives, spinach, mozzarella cheese, balsamic vinegar..

although we quickly snuck into the first available shelter to avoid the heavy snow that was dumping on us, it ended up being a pleasant little gem.


bakery FAIL..

i had high expectations for this Japanese style bakery called MILGALE in Hongdae..

but what a big booooooo...

i like my baked goods, fluffy and soft, and not rubbery and hard!! for a small bakery shop, a huge FAIL. i took 3 different kinds of baked goodies home.. one with blue berry, choco..and something else... i don't ever remember things that i don't really like.. so sorry, you FAIL

my favorite Tartine cafe in Itaewon (tart & more)

tartine cafe itaewon tart seoul cute pie

i want some pecan tart from Tartine!!! now now now

tartine cafe itaewon tart seoul cute pie

.... with coffee please.

The Lucy Pie Kitchen (Inchon-dong cafe)

lucy pie kitchen cafe ichon seoul

located in Eechon station, called LUCY PIE, like its name "i love lucy" is plastered all over the cafe. it's pinkish and warm inside, with enough tables to accomodate a small sized group.

lucy pie kitchen cafe ichon seoul

so many pies to choose from~ but the "mint chocolate" caught my eyes!

lucy pie kitchen cafe ichon seoul

minty and fluffy top with bite sized chocolate sneaked inside the green cloud of fluff.. yumm~ the chocolate pudding inside tasted pretty standard.. was a bit dissapointed that it wasn't as unique in taste~

lucy pie kitchen cafe ichon seoul


cafe at home (sangsu station)

ahhh, the title says it all. this was back in the day when we still had a cafe search party of three. always missing yean, and all of the liveliness she brought to the atmosphere.
cafes can never go wrong with books. (but this is coming out of the mouth of a non-korean speaking gal who can kill 3 hours in a korean bookstore.) i found the unorganized bookshelves crammed with a plethora of genres & languages to be... absolutely delightful.

la main douce - cafe in Hongdae

any seoul cafe critic, whether an absolute beginner or a top of the line pro, is well aware that the "paris" theme in this country is taken over the top. paris? really? totally overrated in my opinion. and this is a place of that exact theme. but.. theme isn't everything, right? absolutely not. the stenciled-on kitchen utensils were my favorite part of the entire cafe. the map of paris? not so much.

this place was nice and small~making it cozy and comfortable. and i mustn't fail to mention that the door on this place exceeds the size of my entire apartment. it was huge! our sweet eats of choice were definitely a success.

snow in march - Hongdae

photo is somewhere in Hongdae. last week.. it snowed.

click click.

carrying my dslr around like it's immune to the weather.

and it snowed just few days ago..

my favorite place - Tartine (Itaewon)

anyone who knows me know how i really don't like pies...

BUT how that have changed.

could be my favorite from all the desserts.

i give credit to a pie/bakery cafe called TARTINE in Itaewon.
it's a small bakery shop hidden along the main street in Itaewon.

it's not too sweet and the shop serves excellent coffee and hot chocolate i have yet to try.

let's just say, i would eat here once a week! (to be realistic)..
but i would like to have it everyday?!


perfect ooze of chocolat @ MOBSSIE (몹시) in Hongdae

"my partner in cafe" and I went to our wkday cafe hunt in Hongdae!

we decided to finally try that "chocolate place"! as we'd call it^^

The very first time we sneaked inside, it was a full house..

a cozy lil cute cafe packed with small groups..with chocolate goodness on their tables...mmm... HAVE TO GO IN..

we were put in a waiting list~ and declined to wait.. bc
we were either too hungry/cold/"in need of sweets RIGHT NOW!"..
so we decided on another day~


so we gave it a second chance few wks later.

and again a waiting list! IT HAD TO BE THAT GOOD?!!

we left our # and got a call within 10 or so and seated
waiting for our perfect chocolat goodness!

i dont remember the "official names" in french.. yes terrible of me :(

in English terms, they were "hot chocolate" and "chocolate lava cake"

we both got those two.. so 4 items total ;) and the waiter made sure we were getting that much..

oh how so greedy of us :P

we were definitely going to indulge in some major chocolate goodness... :)


it was soooo goood.....

i was too occupied savoring each bite and licks to even bother taking any pics of the oozing chocolat.

quite addicting really.

definitely waiting list worthy :)

mobssie chocolate cafe seoul hongdae

LOCATION: HONGDAE station, exit 5 (along an alley way)

ATMOSPHERE: small small place. tables are so close enough for eaves dropping :P cozy and can get cramped if not used to small places. enjoy it for the food~ i think it was all worth it.
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