Paleo diet

I've been experimenting with different diets this year for a way to challenge my body and to finally find the diet for a lifetime.   

The Paleo diet seems to be working for my husband and I (who's been deprived from eating meat due to my strive to cook mainly vegetarian meals and eating meat just once a week). 

With this new diet, I no longer have to count calories and fat and my husband can finally enjoy his meat!  But we're eliminating processed food and grains like bread, pasta, snacks/chips, and rice, which were basically our every day food.  But it's not as scary as it sounds. 

This is my paleo dinner plate tonight.  It's roasted chicken, pumpkin salad and sautéed kale and onions with vinaigrette and olive oil.  I try to keep my vegetables organic and cooked as little as possible.  I still drink coffee (mainly just black) and still enjoy my chocolate (mainly dark).  One of the biggest thing I've had to cut away from were my visits to Paris Baguette (bakery) and picking up baked goods for snacks/dinner.  No more processed food and grains.  The pros are that I have more energy and feel stronger.  My skin seems to be happy about all the fat its taking in too.

Basically, Paleo diet is eating "good quality meat"  (you know it~ no hormones, grass fed..etc etc) and organic veggies, and eliminating any processed food and grains (like rice and bread).  You eat veggies and pumpkin or yams (root vegetables) with your meat.   For dessert, I limit my sugar/chocolate/coffee and dairy (some do without any of these).

So far, I really really like this diet.  I've been able to eat normally and get pretty full and kept my weight the same after losing an amazing 4 kg in two weeks with Danish Diet.  You can google about Danish Diet, but I wouldn't recommend it for a long run.  It's a 2 weeks(more or less) program(?) to help you lose weight.  I tried it and it worked.   I still eat the "Danish Diet breakfast" consisting of a toast, 3 boiled eggs(more or less), a piece of fruit (orange/grapefruit~whatever you can find), and black coffee.  FYI, "black coffee" is in every meal in Danish Diet.  It couldn't be anymore suiting for me.  I think that's probably how I stuck to the program.  Oh, enough about Danish diet. 

Here's an easy introduction to Paleo diet,

But everyone is different.  Our bodies are different.  This might not be the diet for you.  I don't know if there's ever that one diet fit for every individual out there.  But so far, I like how my body is with the Paleo diet.  I also love being able to eat and finally enjoy meat, butter and eggs.  Eliminating processed food is probably the best thing for me as well.  Of course, I'm never going to be perfect.  So if someone offers me a good looking piece of chocolate cake, I will happily devour it.  And I still have a piece of toast in the morning :)  I'm going for the 80/20 rule.  20% eating what I want =D  And chocolate and coffee are not going anywhere! 


  1. Hi there,
    Just curious about where you can find grass-fed meat (particularly chicken) in Seoul. I am also living in Seoul and attempting to be Paleo! Thanks!

    1. Here is a new post about chickens^^


  2. Hello! Thank you for reading!

    As for grass-fed meat, it's very hard to find it in Korean grocery stores. I have yet seen a "grass fed beef" in a store, but I have seen them online(Korean) - which were from New Zealand. I will have to write a post on this one soon.

    As for chicken - look out for the "apple logo"(not always used) - or written in Korean it will say that it is "free of antibiotics", "free range" or "organic". I will have to post some photos on to explain this more~^^

    A blog post will be up soon about this topic^^

    Good luck on your Paleo diet~!

  3. http://www.seoulcafes.com/2013/04/non-antibiotic-chicken-what-to-look-out.html


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