Fried chicken Korean style - home delivery (NENE CHICKEN)

Koreans know a thing or two about their fried chicken!

There are fried chicken restaurants everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. A block of space is Korea will at least have one chicken restaurant. Okay, maybe a bit of an over exaggeration.

Koreans love their fried chicken with beer.  This combination of yumminess is called "chi-mek".  Chi for "chicken", Mek for "mekju" (beer in Korean).  This is usually the must thing to do in the summer.  It's a very casual event for Koreans.  They need something to "eat" with their beer and rarely do they just drink beer by itself.

want some?

There are tons to choose from, so which one do you go?  Well, I can tell you about the "delivery chicken" method.  It's really great.  Call in, order chicken, chicken comes in 30 minutes (more or less), pay and eat chicken.  So easy and convenient!

The one I recommend is called NE-NE  CHICKEN.  They've won numerous awards in satisfaction(?) and also is the only chain with the patent for their "flat box" system where they put chicken/condiments/sides/complimentary soda in.

I've ordered from them for the past year and their quality has always been consistent.  They only use Korean chicken and it's always crispy outside and juicy at the same time.

It is also HACCP guaranteed, meaning, it's made from a clean facility.  I favor items with this mark over one that doesn't have one.  Even tuna cans will have them.  So check for their mark when you go grocery shopping.

It's so convenient and delicious!  Delivery chicken usually runs from 14,000won and up.  It usually comes with a can or bottle of soda.


I got the "half and half", called BAN BAN, where you get half fried and half seasoned.  It's the perfect combination.  I ditch other sauces with the fried chicken and opt for "salt and pepper."

Summer is long gone now, but fried chicken is here to stay!

***Don't forget the coupons!  Collect 10 coupons(depends on chain) and get 1 free!

Phone number:  1599-4479
                         : it will direct you to the nearest delivery place in your area.


  1. Hi. Just wondering, when you call for delivery , do you speak English or korean ?

    1. Hi,

      when you call, you can pretty just need to tell them your address, and what you want to order , "____ juseyo". I think those info don't need much Korean knowledge^^ You should be fine speaking just English - Koreans should know at least that! Or they can get someone who can speak English to help you ^^

  2. Hi,

    I just found this website www.hungrykorea.com. You can order everything online in English as they have translated all the menus.

  3. I truly treasure your piece of work, Great post.


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