Ashley buffet restaurant (Gongdeok)

Only a few blocks down exit 3 off Gongdeok station, you will find the newly opened restaurant in this area.  Before this one was a SUBWAY(sandwiches) that just opened this summer (walk down exit 3 until you see it on your left, about a 5mins walk).

Gongdeok used to be kind of boring with just office buildings.  But just this year, a lot of new shops have opened down the road off exit 3.   Another Star Bucks, Ediya coffee, and the most exciting one for us, Ashley buffet!!!  We were diligently waiting for its opening as they were putting the store together.  And finally it opened on August. 

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
View to the salad bar (wine is on the left as shown here)

Ashley is our favorite buffet restaurant.  It's a no fuss, clean, all you can eat restaurant.  And the atmosphere at Ashley is more laid back and cool~;)  no need to hurry or feel guilty that you're a "buffet goer".  If you're going to go to a buffet restaurant, take your time and enjoy the food, good food too - Ashley is all about that.

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
Lunch: 12900won, Dinner: 22900won,  Wkend(all day):22900won

They serve variety of foods from Korean (make yourself bibimbap / smaller menus), bbq ribs, soups (their clam chowder is pretty good), pasta (different kinds), pizza (thin crusted yummy variety), chicken (fried/seasoned/western or Korean style), salads, noodles, rice, fresh fruit (my favorite are their watermelons, bc in Korea they are SO expensive, and I can eat a belly full here) and their dessert specialties (cheesecake and chocolate cake).  And unlimited fresh coffee and not the ones dripped out and sitting in hot pots.

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
Fresh salad and salmon salad!
"Bossam" was pretty good!
ashley buffet restaurant seoul
Seasonal fruit
 Chicken - "ttok galbi" - ribs - "bossam"

Lunch and dinner are different in that they serve more meat dishes/salmon salad and unlimited wine and cake only on dinner time (after 5pm) and on the weekends(lunch & dinner).  

Lunch(weekday) price is a lot cheaper, but with less meat and no cakes(their cakes are pretty good!). Despite all that, it's a good deal for fresh food and unlimited coffee, cookies, waffles, and ice cream.  But I do prefer the dinner rotation bc the meat dishes are my favorite (especially the bosssam meat and ribs) and their cakes and tasty fresh coffee at the end of the meal just tops it off.

FYI, ordering at these Korean buffets is quite simple.  They walk you to your table and before they say anything and before you sit down, just say "SALAD(sel-luh-deu) BAR-yo~" and point at yourself and your friend(s) with a smile or give him/her the number sign with your fingers.  This is to simplify if you don't speak Korean well.  Koreans are polite and they won't make fun of you for using your hands to communicate.  Or just speak in English; Koreans like the challenge.  Now you can head out to the salad bar (not just salads of course).  That's the usual routine for us.

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
Other side of the dining area

We're usually pretty hungry when we go to buffets, so there's no need for us to chat down and sit and relax.  That is unless you want to order additional "dish" with your salad bar.  You can then look at the menu.  They have seasonal dishes that vary.  Say, you're hungry for a chunky steak (I don't even know if they have steak for sure), but whatever is on the menu you can add on and still get your all you can eat salad bar.  Salad bar is not a choice.  It's kind of backwards(?).

But don't make it anymore complicated, the all you can eat spread is way sufficient, especially the dinner rotation. All you can eat food, desserts, coffee and wine, all for a price less than 23,000won.  Btw, not all Ashleys are the same (price/food).  They have different levels of Ashleys that serve different kinds of food.

I think the ones in Youido and Gongdeok are the same level, meaning same style of food/prices.  Other branches have different levels (I'm not sure what the levels are called) that serve either casual to a more upscale food.  Youido and Gongdeok being the higher end.

Sturdy chairs and tables for hours of dining :)

Gongdeok branch was a lot fancier.  The workers were very professional, dressed in black clean attire.  Almost felt like I was in a restaurant than a buffet.  They walk around with wet napkins and make sure plates are taken away as soon as possible.  It also seats a lot of people to accommodate the "salary men crowd" in Gongdeok.  We went there on a Tuesday night and it was FULL.  The interior is classy and clean.   I loved the hanging pots on the ceiling. The food also tasted slightly better than the one in Youido.  Btw, you will rarely see a "dry" food sitting out at the bar. 

If you had to ask whether to choose from VIPS or ASHLEY buffet.  Easily, Ashley hands down.  I just love their freshly grounded coffee and desserts at the end :)  You can't have good food without a good finish~AKA dessert.

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
Cheesecake and chocolate cake

Korean buffets are definitely different from the ones at home (US).  The buffet chains here mean business, good food and service.  You will most likely get  a pretty decent food/service from most of the chain buffets here.  Although beware of areas like Myungdong and Hongdae, I hear their VIPS restaurants are not so good over those areas.

self serve coffee w fresh beans - very good!

If you really want to experience a good Korean buffet, come to the one in Gongdeok or Youido.  You will easily easily easily spend 2 hours here.  We spend about 2.5 - 3 hrs in between eating the main dishes / desserts / coffee / main dishes / fruit / desserts / coffee.  And it's all so relaxing~~ :D

ashley buffet restaurant seoul
All you can drink red/white wine

***I apologize for the "half eaten" plates of photos~ ^^

DIRECTIONS: Gongdeok station, exit 3. Keep walking(about 2 blocks or 3mins) until you see a big blue man statue on your left. Pass the statue but don't walk beyond the end of block, and you will see steps to the restaurants on your left (B1 floor).


  1. You live near the Gongdeok Station station? I live near Mapo station... Right in front of Seoul Garden hotel:-)

    Wendy of http://myrockingcradle.com

  2. Hello neighbor!!! :D

    I will def visit your blog - thank you for the visit and comment!

  3. So I found your post regarding Ashley's Buffet. I would like to share my experiences too. I have visited 3 different locations since living in Korea and this is what I have found. Location 1: Yeouinaru on the dock of Han River. The view is nice because you are actually sitting on a ferry boat so it looks out towards the water. The food , well lets just say I was not impressed, there really was not much to pick from...
    Location 2: (Gongdeok exit 3) it had a good variety of food however it all seem to be cold it just sat out way too long.
    Location 3: (Hongik University exit 1) has the best on my rating scale. The staff is friendly, they speak English, the food is hot, it has a good variety, and their pasta with oil is to die for and I am Italian so that is saying a lot... The atmosphere is decorated with old and new American stars, it just says America all over it...Good selection of desserts too and wine is 3000won all you can drink with 4 different types from very dry red (Merlot) to very sweet dessert wine (Moscato)..My experiences have left me only wanting to return to Hongik University location.
    I hope this info helps for others who are in search od KO-American buffets... But yea don't just take my word for it try them all out for your self! Happy eating...Enjoy


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