Morgen - Cafe in HyeHwa

our very first cafe encounter in DaeHangNo... MORGEN

finding it was like going treasure hunting.

DaeHangNo isn't known for cute cafes spread out like HongDae.,
it's really quite commercial.. if u like that kind of stuff, like a 3rd story Dunkin'Donuts and Haagen Dazs..and all the other chains.

i really havent ventured much in this area, but from a few visits, it's quite big. if u like finding new stuff, it's a fun place to be. except, not having many cute little corky cafes to find (cafe hunting) gets kind of.. boring after a while... hehe..

anyways, finding this little cafe was pretty exciting! we found it in an alley/street down somewhere..and i dont remember where to give you accurate directions on top of my head.

for a non-cafe area, this one wasn't bad at all.

looks pretty outside!!!

the interior was even prettier and made us gooey eyed..
pointing at little cute things in the cafe and taking pics like we were detectives tearing the scene down..well, really enjoying and AHing over the cute things. it's usually just the two of us in our cafe-ahah-moments.. so, having andrew there was kind of awkward.. i dont think he's seen us in our element.. how really crazy we get over and in cafes... ^^

but how can you not??!

we were in our little zone enjoying everything around us.. UNTIL a nasty rude couple came in and starting puffing away the nasty sticks... hey, nothing agaisnt smoking, whatever, but in a cafe?? esp in a cute one like this?? really?!!!! dumbfounded and pretty upset... we left with such bitter cigarette aftertaste. not cool.

as for yumyums:

(we got americanos.. not bad ^^ and much cheaper than average coffee price~)

(the brownie was a dry one, but not bad i guess. for the price)

DIRECTIONS: HYEHWA station somewhere.. sorry, thinking about the two idiots made me kind of angry for a bit ^^ pardon..

1 comment:

  1. two thumbs down to smokers in cute, confined, cafes~

    "this is what we do!"

    wanna get back the the neighboring cafe~~mo better blues!


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