home cafe...... "jeje"

a cafe called "jeje", a minute walk from our new home is what's new~ this place is so close to home and becoming a comfort place.

the owner even gave us free refills (i love freebies!), i guess we've become quiet a regular already^^

the owner lady is really nice to begin with and she's an award winning barista!
with coffee gadgets all over the store..and beans roasting on the corner area.. yep, they roast their own beans and all~ i love their coffee~ look at that color~

we decided to try their "morning bagel" for a late sunday breakfast
and to our surprise, it was delightful!!

it came with egg, bacon and cheese!
actually thought it was just going to be cream cheese~
i have yet to try their variety of coffee drinks, cake and cocktails!

love this cafe~ it's quiet & serene and so close to home.
me don't likely loud cafes..

with sun shining through the window..

this new neighborhood is getting pretty sweet.. :)


  1. How do I get to this cafe. . To which station? ?

    1. Hi,
      It's located in the neighborhood called HAEBANGCHON in Itaewon area. You can get to haeBangchon via Noksapyung station.


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