M'amie dessert & cafe (Hongdae)

there's a street in hongdae that i just love.. if you told me to live there for the rest of my life.. i would. it's this little street that's lined up with cafes of all sorts.. even with quite a few visits, we still haven't conquered half of it, not close at all.

cute cafe hongdae

so finding this little treasure called MAMIE was kind of magical to say the least.

it was really right there all along.. and kind of like finding love where you never expected... love at first sight more like.

cute cafe hongdae

going in this magical place was pretty memorable. i remember walking in seeing happy faces with pastry goods on their table... and the smell of chocolate and pastry.. it's mesmerizing.. i am forever addicted to this scent..

cute cafe hongdae

we were seated in a big table next to the window and next to a kind of annoying couple, but awkward more like. it's always fun watching people, especially couples interact, so there we had our entertainment for the night.

cute cafe hongdae

as for the food, we knew it had to be good. the place was packed and you could feel happiness in the air and smelled like one too. but i guess we never quite had enough chocolate after devouring "chocolate cake in a mug" in MOBSSIE just few blocks down and few minutes before walking in here.. you can never have enough chocolate.

so we did it. we got another set of chocolate stuff..

cute cafe hongdae

so satisfying.

until i see and devour you again.

cute cafe hongdae

mamie. stay sweet.

LOCATION: Hongdae, exit 5....

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  1. ahhh, so much to peek at!

    can't wait to go back and try something new :)


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