bella praha - cafe in Edae

for one reason or another, we decided to trek off our usual path. we were itchin' for something new~~we needed to be refreshed with the unfamiliar and unknown. ready or not edae, here we come!

seriously, does life get much cuter than this? absolutely not~!
wandering aimlessly is the best way to go~~ with no final destination in mind, nor a specific path to follow. ahhhh, there's a cute little hole in the wall, and there, and there! and that's exactly what we were doing when we found this little lovely abode.



after walking, walking, walking, stopping in a shop or two, taking a wrong left turn here, getting rammed into by an ajumma there~~we decided to take a breather, inhale some caffeine, and take a load off. we just happened to be in the right place at the right time, because bella praha was just perfect for the occasion. inexpensive? check! tasty? check! unique? check! and to put icing on the cake, we felt snug as a bug~(did i fail to mention it was freezing cold?!^^)
...and this was (one of many) of the day's pick to satisfy our ferocious appetites. a little startled at first. what are you? where did you come from? are you worthy enough to hit our tastebuds? indeed it was. anything accompanied with cream is. definitely a nice change of taste.

follow the street you come out on. (burger king will be on the oppoiste side) after about four (major) intersections swing a left. perhaps you'll have to swing one more left before the block ends. sorry folks, map later. =)

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  1. we def have to go back for those smiling lattes and that pastry!!


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