Korean superiority complex

You know what annoys me about Koreans?  They think they're above all the other asian race/countries.

You can see this ignorance easily in "naver" comments/forums/discussions, commenting on a Korean celebrity, like SNSD's "suyoung" or a new upcoming star on how she looks "south east asian!" ("Dong-nam-ah") as if it's an insult.  They poke and make fun of even their own celebrities when they look dark skinned, bigger eyes/lips..etc.. they label you as, "dong-nam-ah". 

It's so disgusting and sad.  I know this is not just in the internet, but deep down ingrained in a lot of Koreans.  They were born into thinking that they ARE indeed the superior Asian race.

Personally, I am half Filipino and Korean.  I lived in Korea in the 1990-95.   It was a rough, but memorable time.  For the bad stuff, I got discriminated for having a different skin color/face.  To share one incident, I had stones thrown at me when I was walking down a street (I was in grade school).  It wasn't easy.  So I know and went through this whole issue. 

Things haven't changed much since then unfortunately.

I saw and felt this energy when I was just in Cambodia and Vietnam recently.  The loudest and most snobbish group of tourists were ---- Koreans (with their flawless makeup, sunglasses, outfit.. - like do you really need to look like that in angkor wat?).  They couldn't be any louder!  Grouped in 20+ folks, they didn't even look like they wanted to be there - speaking with their loud Korean(language) and obnoxious demeanor as if they owned the place.  I never felt so disgusted and embarrassed for them.  The sad thing is, they wouldn't even know how nasty they are.

Koreans heavily focus on looks - the cleaner, the whiter the better.  Frankly, they don't care what you are deep inside.  You're dark skinned - you're a "dong-nam-ah" and of lower level than them - they label you that immediately.  I'm not saying that ALL Koreans think this way - but it's very real and true about Korean mentality - somehow they are better than Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia...etc. 

As for beauty and Korean women, they are looking like Frankenstein nowadays, I couldn't tell who is who on TV or in the streets.  Korea doesn't value natural beauty.  When actually some of the more beautiful women I've seen are from Vietnam.  They have some delicate features that mixes around Asia. And to me that's beautiful!  A standard "look" doesn't beat a mix of this and that - every beauty is different.  I think it's so robotic to label as one standard as beautiful.

It's a shame how Koreans see these so called "south east asian countries" as "'lower class".  I don't think any scale of GDP or whatever, marks a country any better than the other. 

I just had to spill my beans here about this on going "we are Korean, we're better" attitude.  I really despise it.  I hope one day, some day, Koreans will learn a thing about inner beauty.

Just because someone is dark skinned - you don't label them as, "dong-nam-ah" and put them down with your nasty energy.  For those that do that are only reflecting what they feel about themselves.

photo credit: TheMalt via photopin cc


  1. Hey I couldn't agree more. I find that Koreans who grew up in western countries (e.g. Canada, USA) are likely to be more open-minding-- this is excluding international students.

  2. Ain't that the truth. Living here in California and growing with Koreans there are alot of snobbish Koreans with superiority complex. Obviously there are nice ones too, but the snobbish ones stands out too much and give the nice Koreans a bad name.


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