Momo Cat Hotel - real honest review

The hardest part about living abroad with pets is where and who and what to do with them when you're away.

We used MOMO CAT HOTEL for the third time now.  And sadly I'm kind of turning away from it.

upside down capture of their room bc of the "cam setting"

 I realized that my furry babies are best at home.  We had them for about 11 days at the cat hotel at one time - and they came back "different" - and stressed.  It took couple days to get them back to their normal cuddly selves.  And as a crazy cat mommy, I don't like seeing them like that.

Yes, the perks of seeing them through live cam is great.  Having a cute room is great.  But after all that - in between the unseen - the cats are unhappy.  My babies were super stressed after all.  No cute room or fancy air filter is replacing what they really need - love and attention.  All that fancy is really for humans really - to amuse us.

comfort of home

Perhaps Jack and Mason are spoiled (we do treat them like our kids & they get much attention since we work at home)., but we gave the cat hotel 3 tries.  The third time was not a charm for us.
I would rather have them at home than having them looked after in a so called "cat hotel".  It's not all that fancy and great as it sounds - especially for the cats.  Our vet tells us that cat hotels are really stressful for them.

all we need is love

Yes, he picked them and dropped them off on time.  He did the job, fed them and cleaned after them.  The daily cat diary logs with photos helped - but I knew he wasn't putting enough "love and play time".   He didn't accommodate to Jack and Mason's personality (high energy breed to begin with, cuddly, attached, love needy).

Our cats are super needy and I was hoping that that the cat sitter would get it - somehow figure out that they need more than just being fed and cleaned after.   He didn't give enough TLC(tender loving care) as I was hoping.  Maybe he didn't want to be "close to them/attached" - and I respected that the first few visits - but after having our babies "thrown off"(angry/moody/stressed/sick) again for the 3rd time - I thought it was enough trying.  He didn't fit in to what I wanted a "cat nanny" to be.  

Sadly, even after the third time there, they haven't adjusted, the cats or the cat sitter.  And frankly, the "cat hotel guy" - the third time - disappointed me.

The second time he came to pick them up, he smelled like "heavy cig smoke". 

And the third time - he forgot their food and toy(their favorite toy!!!).   To me, this puts me off.  How can you forget something I packed for them and not bring it back!  It's not the cost of the food or toy, it's the fact that he nonchalantly mentioned it like it didn't matter to us or to him.  No sorry about it either.  Just a, "I forgot it".  I was struck dumb by his "not a big deal" attitude about it.

Just because we can afford a "cat hotel" doesn't mean those things don't matter to us!  And I want their favorite toy back!   I was looking online today to order the same toy and no one carries it now :(

 Not professional at all.  His rather "solemn" demeanor is also..ehh.. not very thrilling.   In a service business, I think it's important to put on a "good happy face" - at least fake it damn it.  At least put on a tone and face, "I'm happy to service you and your cats".  I haven't gotten that feeling even after the third time.

I'm put off with MOMO CAT HOTEL.  I'm really eager to find a better solution than having them off with a stranger.. (they've also gotten sick couple times after coming back - most likely due to "stress" thus having lower immunity to fight off other "cat germs" in the hotel).

I haven't left a "review" in his homepage(naver blog) - registering at Naver sucks for foreigners (what's up with all the information they need!!).  So I am putting a rather "sad review" here.  I won't be doing business with them again.

The best solution - having a friend look after them!  (and what our vet tells us too.)

***Needy cuddly cats get really sad when you put them in a cat hotel.  Please consider your fur babies personality when you're considering one.   Our cats are exposed to us 24/7 and we are always home to give them undivided attention (I even play hide and seek with them!).   For our babies, the "cat hotel" didn't work.  Lesson learned.

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  1. Hi, I am in Daegu desperately trying to find longer term cat sitting, like for a week or ten days. I have posted over the past few months on every site I can find for both someone staying in my apartment and bringing the cats to someone's place. Do you have any suggestions? Daegu is difficult for cats ! I love my babies but I feel trapped!


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