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Summer is a strange time of the year.  It is the season when I consume about 1 kg of kimchi a week.  When a weekly supply of fresh made kimchi needs to be delivered to supply the demand of salt, and spicy takes over our taste buds. Gone are the days of fresh delicate salads of the Spring.  Summer means, sweating, a lot, daily here in Korea, and replenishing those salts dissipating the body is necessary.

Kimchi is a great food for the Summer.  It's fresh and salty.  Crunchy and sour.  Live in korea in summer and you'll be in no time embracing the sweaty-life that Koreans expect and live without much complaint.  

I sweat at home daily.  I don't turn on the AC at home unless it's necessary.  This differs because in America, sweating is "not a normal" - unless you're in the gym that you pay a membership for an exclusive place to sweat.  Well, in Korea, you are allowed to sweat at home and not feel like it's because you can't afford the bill or AC repair, and even have your guests sweat at home is not rude.

Summer also means seasonal delightful fresh kimchi, like this "yeol-mu kimchi" I ordered online.  It was on sale for less than 10,000won(less than $10).  I'm always down for new kimchi taste and great sales.  

It came in 2 days in a nice ice box.  The box is way too big for the product(1.5kg).  Can't complain, it came cold and nicely packaged.  

The kimchi - is a kimchi company by the model/entertainer, Hong Jin Kyung.  She was a top model in the early 90s - I saw her on tv when I lived here in the 1990s in Korea, she was quite popular in comedy shows! so to see her doing her thang and having a successful kimchi company is inspiring because it's a mother and daughter made kimchi (at least the image of it).

It was a bit too fresh to eat right away, so I'm letting it sit on the counter for 2 days and it should be good to devour!  My body will be thanking the salty kimchi water I'll be in-taking soon.

This would be good as a "cold soup" or over noodles, or pretty much just by itself would be best.

Yummy yummy!

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  1. Is there any website where we could buy her kimchi?


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