Fermented skate - eat it before you leave Korea

Fermented food is abundant in Korea.  To the milder dwenjang to the pros only, fermented skate. 

My husband enjoys fermented skate.  Per name, it is fermented to rot - and eaten with whatever however you would mask the ammonia stench - with kimchi or pork. 

I've only tried a few pieces with "ssam" of kimchi and pork.  It wasn't bad - but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it nor order it - well unless I wanted to feel adventurous and drink lots of Makgeolli with it - to suffice get drunk. 

One of the more adventurous eats is the fermented skate.  If you are here, have a piece before leaving the country.

At least you will carry a badge around with you deep in your heart and ego that you once had fermented skate that stank like bottles of fermented piss.  

Have yourself an adventure!

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