Thai festival 2016 - Gwanghwamun (cheongye stream), Seoul

This is why I love library Sundays - a festive Thai festival just happens to be happening on our exact library route.  Mangoes, chicken sate, padthai, and iced Thai tea - All my favorite things in one festival!  Despite the drizzling light rain and without umbrellas - we decided to stay and enjoy the festivities. Now that's my kind of "go with the flow" weekend!

The cheongye stream is decorated and festive appropriately.  

Curious ones like us enjoy the booths to see what they are offering and selling.  Some with travel info, vendors, and most importantly food food yumyumms.

The smell of meat bbq is intoxicating outdoors.  You can't help but be lured to it like brainless zombies.  

We got chicken and pork sate and shrimp balls with sweet and sour sauce.  Very tasty!

I haven't had Thai food in a while - so this flavor was just what I needed to awaken my taste buds for the fall season.

As I held the cups of sticks of meat while I waited for my husband to deliver another surprise - he comes back with this colorful plate of mouth watering rice and noodles!  

We shared the dishes while sharing a standing table with another couple behind the Muay Thai stage. 

There were enough food vendors to eat yourself to fulldom.

Despite my love for sweet thing after eating, I didn't need to get any dessert or drinks (even my favorite Thai tea!) because the dishes were sweet enough for me not to crave dessert thereafter.

As soon as we were finished eating, the stage behind us set up a nice show of Muay Thai!  My first time seeing it live.  It was pretty exciting to see it in person.  I think I would actually pay to watch a match now!

It was a great festival to showcase Thailand.  They did a good job because now I actually want to visit the country again!

There was also a mini concert at the other end.

It was s nice surprise.  We love running into these types of festivities in Seoul.  Despite the rain, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and variety of events.  Whoever organized it should get a two thumbs up.  

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