5 cookies - small oven and heat wave - summer 2016 Seoul

It's been super hot in Seoul right now, for a couple of weeks, it's been HOT (for this city at least), high of 34~35 Celsius is pretty hot for us.   The concrete jungle living don't help either.  The heat never leaves unless the rain washes it away.  Wish there were more trees in Seoul!

Anyways, I finally got myself to bake some cookies despite the heat that comes out of our small oven/microwave, it's worth it.   So worth it! 

I forgot hot much better home baked cookies are, not that I'm bragging about how good my cookies are, just the fact that, it's plain cookies without all that additives, and it tastes much different!  better!  This comes from someone that took a semester of Le Cordon Bleu pastry... nothing lasts forever!  that passion I had for baked goodies has dimished over time - but I really appreciate being able to bake these goodies at home.    I guess my expensive tuition fees paid off :P

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