Emart online grocery delivery is the best

The weather is oven hot and who wants to go outside (not me) to hull grocery from the store.  We don't have a car and are thrifty folks that despise riding in stale aired taxis.  I usually just like to walk 20 minutes (free workout) to go to emart on a good day, those are the days when the sky is blue and the air is breathable without having your lungs over worked.  But on days like this, even a frugal health conscious me cannot get myself to get out to sweat like a sauna fanatic to save a few thousand wons and get a free workout.

That's when I wait for the emart sale days.  I diligently check my emart app to see what offers they have for the day, the best ones are the 12% off over 70,000won purchase with a 5% discount on using your KB card.  That's a pretty good deal.  It comes maybe once a month.  I couldn't wait any longer for the KB card discount, so I went ahead and got my online grocery for 12% off!  Almost 10,000won saved.  I usually get the very essentials - like the cookie my cat is standing next to for a photo opt.  He knows what mommy prizes.

Emart is not the cheapest, but if you use the coupon deals they have with free delivery, then say no more. 
That's a good deal. They are always on time too.  You choose a time slot between 2-3 hours time frame.  For example, you will select a time slot of 1-4pm delivery, and it will get delivered within that time.  They drop your goodies in your house, usually on the door step inside.  They used to drop each item one by one, but now drop it in big plastic bags.  I like this system very much!  

One of the many good reasons Korea rules!  

I can order big heavy items without lifting a finger, well a few fingers to click on bottons to make my order online. 

They also always deliver the freshest items.  I haven't had a problem.  A few cracked eggs came in one time, but I let that slide because I've ordered so many times and this was pretty minor and would only costs me less than 1000won loss and complaining and phoning them would cost me more time.  Some things aren't worth the effort.

Overall, emart delivery system is the best.    Pair it with coupon sales and you'll be saving 10% in groceries easily!  

Hurray savings and efficient system and technology!


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