Seoul sky is beautiful - Mapo, Yeouido, Gwanghwamun

I thank God and the universe for bringing me to light on the beauty of this city.  

We are are totally thankful for the sky view we get to enjoy.  Our apartment wasn't planned - we were planning to downgrade to a smaller sized apartment, however, something told me to take this one despite our plan to downsize, but to see how things go (go with the flow).  I'm glad I went with my gut instincts.  

We were getting worn out from the city life here - planning our move back home to the states soon was on our agenda.  But a new light has been brought to us.  

Because of the view we get - the sky, clouds, mountains, birds, bugs (yes indeed, lady bugs fly up and stick to our windows salivating on my pots of green plants) - I feel like I've been able to really take in the beauty of Seoul.

The sky lately in Seoul has been one of the nicest.  Perhaps it's because I've been aware of them more lately, but either way, looking up and seeing the beautiful silk woven sky glistening against the buildings in this city makes it ever so worth breathing car exhausts daily (sorry, I gotta add that sarcasm in there, or it wouldn't be me).

I admit that my attitude toward the city hasn't always been rosy.  I realized that perception is reality.

It's just amazing what a blanket of pretty sky can do to wake one up from a gloomy outlook.  Sometimes humans can be so darn complicated and simple. 

Nature wins it all.  It shows you that you were wrong all along.  

It serves to remind one on what beauty really is. 

These pink sky photos were from Gwanghwamun across D tower.  We weren't the only ones enjoying the view.  People around looked up and you could see their demeanor soften and liven up. 

It's just amazing what nature can do.

We've been enjoying the sky lately here in Seoul.  

The photo below is one of our favorite spots to just lie around and hangout.  Yeouido-park is a nice place to look up at the sky and just relax, take a breather, whatever however you describe that activity that gets you to be you.  

I love the lawn space there because you can just lay yourself down and look up.  When was the last time you really looked up at the sky?

This photo below is our view from our living room.  Amazing what a view of sky and mountains can do to ones spirit.

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