Jung-in Myun-ok (pyungyang nengmyun) in Yeouido

Pyung-yang nengmyun is THE nengmyun.  No doubt about it.  The appeal is undeniable.  However, you won't find me going out of my way to for it.   

But my husband would.  As you can see, my better half and I are polar opposites when  it comes to food.  He praises the natural healthy flavor of PY nengmyun.  I am a "hamheung" nengmyun gal.  I enjoy the msg taste and although a health nut, I can't conform to liking it any better because it tastes milder and perhaps healthier, but sometimes, some things are unexplainable..

 PY nengmyun lovers will appreciate the subtle differences in different restaurants. Although BongPiYang is better, JungInMyunOk isn't too bad.  

Their main star is 9000won.  

Nengmyun is always almost better with meat pairing.  This time is "sooyook". 

And some mandoo to be safe.  

You can't go wrong with either pairings with cold noodles. 

Not as delicate and tasty as BongPiYang, but it's different, and that's not such a bad thing.

It doesn't look as exciting, but nengmyun  is never wrong in summer. 

Located in Yeouido.

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