Seoul to Paris - prestige class Korean Air

Ever since my husband got into miles and points to earn us "free" miles - and add to that his work travels - has allowed us to fly comfortably on long haul flights.   

This was another occasion (last year) when those hard earned miles by credit card points and flown miles add up to make a flight to Seoul to Paris a much more pleasant journey by flying Prestige Class in Korean Air.  It's the business class of KE.

But before getting in the plane, we make sure to visit the lounge (free access for Prestige Class ticket holders) to see what's new and also fill our ever so hungry tummies.

Korean Air lounge for Prestige Class is a nice place to comfortably stuff yourself while you wait for your flight to load.  I always end up getting a bit more than I could eat.  The food is decent - the coffee is strong and the food are almost always stocked and warm. 

After waiting for our flight to be boarding and eating enough to be full - we slowly head our way and board the plane.  The seats are comfy looking and spacious enough to want something to cuddle with - bringing along a favorite pillow or teddy bear would seem appropriate here.  But I have my husband with me this time - so loneliness aside - we are ready for the comfortable flight.

The beauty of these seats is that you can lay flat - almost at a comfortable angle - not as comfy as a bed - but better than sleeping on 3 economy seats while your feet dangles in the air as other passengers struggle to do the same.  Oh the agony - I've been there and that's why I appreciate these flights so much.  Unfortunately the price for comfort is much too pay these days - I have to thank my husband for his diligent ways to fly us comfortably at discounted cost!  If we can do it - anyone can and should beat the system.  Maybe one day I will have him write a post on how to not pay for business/first class at a full price.  Stay tuned for that later! 

Any hoo -

The leg room takes about 3 window spaces.  It's nice not to worry about being robbed of leg room behind and in front.  I take this comfort for granted sometimes when you get used to flying business class.  

The flight attendants are attentive and make sure you are settled well.

They hand you the menu early in the flight.  You have to choose all your meals in one seating - lunch and dinner.

There's a nice list of refreshments.

I try not to drink much alcohol in the air because it makes me thirstier and drier.  But I can't seem to resist getting rose wine.

The appetizers come before your chosen meal.  Let's see what they serve this time! 

Salads and basket of bread is served.  They are fresh and warm appropriately. 

Soup as well.

Then your main course and refreshments are served. 

My meat loving husband orders something with meat of course. 

After the meal, cheese and dessert and some pieces of fruit. 

There's lounge area where you can serve yourself more drinks (alcohol) or just to get some more room to stretch to lounge and hangout. 

Its a nice area for friends and families to mingle as not to disturb the passengers around.

It's a self serve system of pouring yourself ice and alcohol and some munchies on the side.

After the meal, they serve ice cream and cake for dessert.

Food comes quite frequently - but perhaps in smaller portions than one might be used to - be assured that you can always ask for more - cookies and ramen even during off eating times. 

The bathroom has more space than economy.

Here is the vodka cran (cranberry) drink we made ourselves in the lounge.

We took it back to our seats to enjoy our chairs.

Then another meal

The main course

And his main course 

Fruit and dessert, coffee are served after the meal

Almost to Paris!

More posts on our France vacation (last year) will be posted soon!

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