Why I read

Reading is like a way to search your soul - what it's made of, what's inside it, what's afraid of, what it needs, what it wants... soul searching has brought me to reading. 

I love reading different types of books - I don't have a genre or type that I prefer.  I read whatever calls for me there in the library.  I love getting most of my readings from the library because it's where I let magic happen.

I'm always delighted to be approached by the numerous books that were brought to me this way. 

One I really enjoyed by such method - was A WEAK AMERICAN IN RUSSIA & UKRAINE.  It was written the way I would have written with 20 years more expat experience and smart cynicism.  I totally envied this book.  I wish to write A WEAK HALF KOREAN-FILIPINO-AMERICAN IN SOUTH KOREA one day. 

I buy books sometimes, only when it's on sale.  I love the bargains online.  Even for marked up English books in bookstores here, I can still find cheaper books this way through their awesome coupon sales.  Getting stacks of books is like being delivered a new you - in advance.

My all time favorite "thank goodness I found you" book, is TOTAL FREEDOM by J. Krishnamurti.  This book has changed my life.  Many books have, but not as powerful as this one.  As soon as I got in 1/6th of the book, I ordered one online (no sale).  

I am all for any wisdom and wise words.  

Also another favorite of that genre is the essays of MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE. 

I also love reading things such "here, this is this way, because it's proven to be so" - or here are the ways it would be because it is linked to this and that. 

Some thing of that type, but with wise life anecdotes was A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION by Warren Berger.  I love this book.  I would have to get a copy of my own when sales hit.  A keeper for sure.  It sums up my theory of question, question, question!

There were some interesting fun books that got me through reading it like I was hungry for sponge cake.  Some books just sucks you up like vacuum.

I also love the delicate beautiful books like THE PAPER GARDEN. 

Reading has brought me so many different lights... I can't sum it up in words.  I also have to thank the library here for surprising me with so many great books.

Thank goodness for reading.

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