Seoul is a hot mine of concrete jungle

I don't know how to describe such heat. Summer 2016 in Seoul has been one of the driest, humid, and hottest.   It's been hovering around 35 Celsius max for a few weeks now, which is not very normal for Summer in Korea.  At least we're not in Dubai or Singapore, I know I know, but to Koreans - who like to sweat - this is very unpleasant, especially when you come down to how much it costs to turn on their air conditioner at home.  

Currently there's a huge debate politically to cut energy costs for the regular folks.   At least I hope they ease the pain on energy bills in Summer.  

Our AC is on most days now since the heat wave which puts us to shame (Koreans are conservative on energy use).  I just find that the costs of being cranky and hot versus being cool and productive easily outweighs the extra chunk on electricity bill we'll be paying this summer.  Sitting there like a hot dog waiting to jump in an oasis of water makes you feel pretty desolate and desperate and that's not a good way to spend your days.  

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