health log for 2014

my body amazes me on how it works and fails me at times.

2014 health/food log:

butter, root veg soup, baked sweet potatoe
  • I crave and eat butter, fat, lard, innards - much needed for hormone production..etc. 
  • I watch out for "cold food" because it shocks my stomach and slows down digestion (I am a "cold body" type). 
  • I am compatible with "warm foods" (chicken, ginseng, root vegs, warm soup/tea...)
  • I have a highly sensitive stomach (anxiety/stress triggers indigestion).
  • I watch out for additives(food).
  • I drink water when I'm thirsty (not chugging it just bc).  It dilutes my stomach acid.
  • I am not scared of "sugar", but don't crave it as much (occasional chocolate cake, yes)
  • I watch out for "processed food"(choco pie stuff).  I snack on baked sweet potatoes.
sweet sweet potatoe

butter stocking up

  • I love a good gyro.  lamb, beef, pork. give it to me, yes please.

  •  I do short intense workouts at home.  I swing around a 12~16kg kettle bell around for 10~20mins until it gets tiring.  
  • My reason in working out and gaining muscle is so that I can eat mcd's breakfast (seriously, they are pretty good in Korea).

 and occasional coffee and ice cream

 it's pretty much called balance...


to a healthy & tasty life!


  1. hi nice blog!..it's so weird but i'm just like you when it comes to food..exactly the same just that I crave for green leafy vegetables during PMS haha XD its as though you speak my mind :D

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, gotta eat those greens ;)


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