[update] My worms are doing fine :)

I'm raising earth worms - yes worms :)

They're doing just fine :)  Their house has gotten small for them, so I did some "house moving" for the guys.  I received another smaller box of the kind that I like for their house (free of course) - just in time for their move!

The photos look deceiving because the process of "cleaning the house" is not as pretty - it can get quite messy, but fun :) 

Cleaned up their poopy matter on the bottom (it clumps together like clay!) and fed them to my beloved trees and plants - right in time for my very needy guava tree (it's growing so fast!)

It's also gotten a lot warmer now, so I moved them inside the house.  They used to reside in the balcony.

The smaller house sits in our kitchen floor and the big house in the laundry room.

I used an "onion bag" to make a little breathing hole.  I don't have to leave the top open like I used to.  This is actually a better way for them - it keeps a lot of the moisture inside.

I feed them fresh food scraps except orange peels and so since it can get acidic for them - also no meat or bones - unless you want those pesky bugs and stinkiness!

Why am I raising earth worms?
  • They eat the food scraps
  • They poop out fertilizer for my plants
  • Playing with dirt is therapeutic and good for health! 

So far so good!  I kind of dreaded the summer season thinking their house might get too stinky!  But it isn't at all!  As long as you avoid meat and bones and such, it smells actually pretty good - like a rainy day!

I don't get too smell much "nature" living in Seoul - this is my way of reconnecting with the earth ;)

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