[2cents] Take off your bra!

I hate wearing bras. 

I hate how it makes me feel so uncomfortable.

I usually do without one(I work at home) - so anytime they get on - I hate how it feels "unnatural" on my body.  And I'm not a fan of unnatural and uncomfortable things.

After doing some research - I'm starting to learn more about the importance of "good circulation" throughout our body.  When an area doesn't get enough oxygen and  blood flow to flush out the toxins - build up over time becomes "trouble". 

I'm a believer in prevention, good health and nutrition.  I'm not a risking my health for "style". 

You can start off by wearing them less, buying looser breathable bras and massaging your breasts and inside your armpits (lymph nodes) everyday - if it's sore, keep massaging it to release pressure/buildup.  Don't be scared to touch and feel your body - it's yours!

My conclusion is;

Bras suffocate - much worse if you wear a tighter style and wear it all day.. I always prefer to do without one = thankfully I don't need much support...TMI.. but when I do - my bras are loose fitting and taken off ASAP!

So ladies, let your breasts breathe and give them some love and care! 

photo credit: Mangiu via photopin cc

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