"coffee drinking cat" Cafe - SamCheong-dong (Anguk station)

What is there more to say about this cafe?

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong

it has all of my favorite things.
  • waffles & ice cream - my favorite cafe eats!
  • cozy & cute atmosphere 
  • good cup of coffee!
  • cat deco/interior =) 

Ahh, upon walking in, you will see a few small tables next to the window and the counter right in front - the cute deco kind of distracts you - it did to me!  As we gagad over the little cat ornaments and cutesy stuff inside - we headed upstairs.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
their little 2nd floor(attic) - cute & cozy

It's a small attic turned "cute room" with few tables in between each other.  They really managed to make the best out of the small space there - but a job well done~~ it was cozy and all so cute.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
good cup of coffee

I don't really prefer tight small areas - but in a cafe - it's so easy to forget how close you are next to these strangers.  Couples and friends and even a few foreigners in that small attic area - it felt like we were all in the same space - zone - admiring cute things and enjoying the moment - that's what I love about these cafes.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong

You can get away from the typical space you're used to - home/school/office/work - giving you all the reason to just take it in and RELAX and sip coffee while eating your favorite cafe eats - whatever that might be - I prefer waffles & ice cream - my appetite has grown.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
waffles & ice cream - one of the best - with Haagen Dazs icecream :)

I love a good plate of sweet stuff - I never really got into waffles for breakfast back home - but I love it now with ice cream on top.  Even better with 2 good servings of Haagen Dazs ice cream here!

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
cat doodle

Really well made plate of dessert here (good quality ice cream, perfect crispy and soft waffle, fresh pieces of cut fruit on top, and whip cream..)

Even after the very huge dinner we had - we managed to enjoy every little thing on that plate. 

They have varieties of dessert in the cafe - which we haven't had the chance to really try other than my favorite one - w & i.  We can't wait to try other yummies in this cafe.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
oh the variety of yummies ;)

And after all that - the night came in and swept us away - telling us to take our full bellies home.

seoul cafes coffee waffles ice cream samcheongdong
it's a small cozy cafe

It looks quite "busy" from the outside - but it's really really cozy and warm and peaceful inside :)
Never judge a book by its cover so they say.  It's true.

I actually passed by this cafe so many times and never gave it a chance - until now.  I'm glad I did.  Because I will be back - for the waffles and ice cream :)

TEL#:  02-720-8162
ADDRESS:  서울 종로구 안국동 19-1
HOURS:  10am to 11pm
PRICE RANGE:  5000won for coffee / 17,000won for waffle & ice cream 

Directions:  Get off Anguk station(orange line) - exit 1 - walk down and cross the street and keep walking down until you see a long street on your right (look at map for reference).   Walk to that street and enjoy the walk up - you will pass by a school and the street has nice trees and stone walls.  As you approach the end of that street, you will see the "coffee drinking cat" cafe on your right (shown on the map).

as you walk from the station - you will see it on your right
ahh - there it is!

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