A Twosome Place (coffee & cake) - one of the better cafe chains

umm, we love a good coffee after a meal.

Here we are grabbing a caffeine full in A Twosome Place cafe around Sookde University.

There are not many chain cafes(there are so many in Korea) that I prefer to go to just for a cup of coffee(Americano).    I find Starbucks too dark and others either too watery or stale.  I haven't had bad coffee in A Twosome Place so far.

A Twosome Place has been pretty consistent.  They have a rather darker roast.  You can ask for a lighter coffee if you want, but I do prefer a heavier cup.  I always try to get it in a mug.  I think it taste better in it :)  I do give them a frown when they say there are no avail mugs~  so they should know to wash those cups or get them in stock! :)

upstairs - lively crowd even in a late night (past 10pm?)

Very lively crowd with mostly college-aged groups.

Friends chatting, people on dates, and study groups in the back of the cafe.

Reminds me of my college days - when picking up 7-11's "hot cocoa" was the picker upper to keep me going (or "red bull") - oh those days.

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