lazy sunday for focaccia

The last Sunday of 2012... It was a sunny morning to begin the day - but it was another cold day outside.  After doing our short yoga session with Chaz (podcast), we turned to see what we could do on this sunny beautiful Sunday~..

Staying in.  We both decided that was the best thing to do :)

And make something new...

After our pizza making last week, we felt comfortable enough to try making focaccia bread!  I found this simple recipe online. 


I sprinkled some coarse salt, dried thyme, dried basil, black pepper, fresh rosemary (from our plant) and black olives.   
We followed through and baked this! 

We're both pretty stoked about turning this out! 

Although, I later realized I didn't let it "rise" after putting it into the pan... We could have ended up with twice the bread.  We'll have to try again next time!


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