Gwanghwamoon - KT store(Olleh Square) & iPhone5

My husband has been talking about wanting to get the iPhone 5 for a while now.

last day of 2012 in Gwanghwamoon

He's lucky - I guess he's been good this year - we somehow ended up in Gwanghwamoon - where the KT store has iPhone 5 and the staff speaks really good English.

I left him alone in KT store since he would be totally fine because the staff actually communicate really well in English.  He took a "number" and he was about 30 people behind.

I parted myself to the Gyobo bookstore to wait on him to finish.  I'm terrible in "electronic stores" and have no patience in waiting for him to even browse around.  I told him to text me when it was all done.

Right before I was getting tired from skimming at overpriced overseas cookbooks in the bookstore, my hubs said he was done done done!

I was definitely ready to get out of there because it was getting very packed - probably due to the "ringing in the new year" events around the area.

The iPhone 5 is impressive enough - but I wouldn't get it... :P  Only techy people would appreciate it.  I'm quite happy with my 4...:)  I hope to use it until it dies out on me.  

"olleh"(KT) design on the coffee cup

I got a "choco coffee"(?) at the Olleh coffee shop.   It's overpriced for a sugary diluted coffee..  At least it gave me enough fuel to keep going about the rest of the day.

I did get to keep the earphones (my little reward?) and I like it lots!

iPhone 5 earphones - new design

Music sounds better - more bass.  Now I can listen to T.I. without my headphones.

***If you want to look at what phones/gadgets are new, get a good service and in English - head to KT store in Gwanghwamoon.  Take a number and wait for your turn.

Directions:  Gwanghwamoon station, exit 2.  The building is on your right as you get out from the underground station.

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