What to eat on a day when you're not in the mood to eat anything in particular - jajangmyun

What do you do on a day when you don't know what to eat (cook)?

JA JANG MYUN.   ring ring ring~~ Yes, delivery to APT 000-000.

Set #2 please (2 bowls of jajangmyun & Tangsooyook for 14,000won)

20 minutes later on our table.  Pretty pink plates & food!

The jajangmyun was a bit disappointing this time, but their Tangsooyook was much better than the last time we had it.

We have about 10+ coupons worth 300won each - but supposedly we can't use them for "set menus" (cheapos) - but for regular dishes that costs 20,000won for one plate.

Although after eating jajangmyun, we always end up brewing ourselves coffee almost immediately after finishing up... you can't help but feel a little guilty and oily with this meal, but so worth it.

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