The Face Shop - Arsainte Eco-Therapy Ultra Cream

I recently discovered this must have item from The Face Shop..

I really liked the consistency of this cream (I won't type the name again bc it's too long, please refer to the title of this post~^^).  It's creamy, yet not overwhelmingly heavy and oily.  It almost feels Kiehl's Ultra Cream, but not nearly as "heavy" and more "refreshing to the skin".

I also love that it is without the 7 additives as listed on the box - paraben, mineral oil, artificial coloring..etc

I've been trying to lessen my exposure to additives(chemicals), but obviously totally eliminating it is impossible - it's everywhere - shampoos, lotion..etc.. so I'm doing must best to stick to FREE OF items as long as the price is right^^

I also like that the ingredients are clearly stated.  And it's a rather big bottle of 100ml!

I grabbed this while it was on sale :D   I like use the sale period to try to new items.

The case is of glass with a nice weight to it, which makes it feel sturdy in the hands. 

 The expiration date is marked on the bottom.

 I really like the consistency of this cream.  It fits my combination skin very well, especially in this dry winter weather.

 The cream is creamy, yet not too heavy.  It has a mild refreshing scent.  I am usually not in favor of "scented" cosmetic products, but this one is mild enough that it doesn't bother me.

The cream stays like so - doesn't drip down and has a nice consistency.

It absorbs well into my "dry" skin as shown on the photo~^^  You don't have to "rub" it on too much to absorb - it glides really well and feels "refreshing and moist" on the skin. 

I would give this one a 4/5 :)


  1. Hey lady - I'm also in Korea and a lover of all the products that are available here!! However I was just made aware of parabens and other chemicals that I should stay away from, and am having a tough time figuring out which products are paraben-free.

    How did you get an english translation of the ingredients of that facebook lotion? Its my favorite product so I'm glad that its one of the paraben-free ones!!!

  2. Hi~~! Actually this product from The Faceshop came written in English! The big cosmetic companies like Faceshop and MISSHA..etc are fairly good in printing products in English. I find MISSHA and Faceshop pretty good in carrying products that are paraben free.

    Not all cosmetic products will clearly state the ingredients, so I just go by the rule that when its not printed or stated that it is paraben free - it most likely isn't. Koreans are also well aware of being Paraben-free, so most products will state if it is free of it - I will usually look out for items that clearly states it on their box.

    Paraben in Korean is 파라벤 - you can look out for this on ingredients~^^


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