Ashley Buffet Restaurant (Gongdeok) - NEW food, brunch & RULES?

How things change... Our visit to our favorite buffet , Ashley, was a mixed feeling of good and bad - pleasant and disappointing.. in so many ways!
gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
an emptier "window" side dining area that were filling up

Let's start off that, on a weekend (Saturday) - it was very busy.  We arrived at the restaurant just before 1pm and we were on a short waiting list.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
slowly filling up!

We didn't wait long - just stood around for 2 mins or so and we were seated on our designated (favorite) table on the corner :)

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
view out to salad bar from our corner table

I told the waiter the usual - 2 salad bar - even before we took our seats and she hurled off politely and told us to go ahead on the salad bar.  We sure will - thank you very much! :D

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

We were ready to get ourselves up to the bar - but a ton of sadness came into me as I saw this notice -  2 hour "etiquette" start ?!!!

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

2 hour limit?!!!! I was a bit struck with this notice and couldn't help but feel a little taken back.  

Did they finally catch up to us?  That we would stay for at least 3 hours and have ourselves dinner/dessert/dinner/dessert all over again?!   ...but isn't that the purpose of buffets?! 

My husband calmed me down and headed ourselves to the salad bar.

It was busier than usual.  Mainly big groups (families & friends).  You really have to get a good grip of your plate and watch where you're going.  I haven't seen this place so packed - but it was a good atmosphere and didn't feel like I had to fight to get my turn.

We got our favorites & some new dishes.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
pumpkin soup

We started off with some soup - I had the "pumpkin soup".

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
my husband's plate of vegs

My husband was craving for a good salad - and probably the main reason we did visit Ashley - because I've been telling him that "salad" is expensive to put together - so this was his way of saying - I told you so, now we're spending x4 the amount to satisfy my cravings. 

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
this is my first plate - of non vegs...

Fair enough - because I got some good stuff myself - their "chicken wings" and  "ribs" were my favorite and thoroughly enjoyed them as my first bites :)

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
my second plate and last...

My second plate is still full off the same stuff - but with more portions.

With only 2 hours to eat - I didn't feel "free" to try new dishes and didn't want to "waste" any food..

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
my second plate - better view

Their meat dishes were very tasty.  Ironically, their "bossam" meat was the least yummy one. 

Here is my hubs mushroom soup.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

His second plate here.  The pasta looked a bit dry..

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
nom nom nom

  I really like the "spicy noodles with quail eggs."

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
yum yum
gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
good plate of yummies

My husband's third plate - but you see our portions are rather small...!?

I still couldn't get over their 2 hour "etiquette". 

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
this was really good

As we were on our last plates - my second, his third - we had about 30 minutes remaining from the "2 hour limit".

My hubs tried to tell me that they wouldn't "kick us out" - but things like that get to me.  I hate having a "time limit" - especially on eating?!

What's the purpose of having that notice all over the tables and restaurant...

being told to "hurry and eat, so we can make you feel unwanted and make more money".

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
their "set menu" - not impressive

 Ashley is not getting any love from me about this one.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

So here's the menu:
  • Weekday Lunch is 11am to 5pm for 12,900won.
  • Weekday Dinner(5~11PM ) & Weekends & holidays (all day) is 22,900won.
  • Elementary kids are 9,900won.
  • Kids (under elem.) are 6,500won.
  • 36months and under eat for free.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

There's a new  "brunch" time between 9~11am during the day for 9900won.

This brunch menu is only available on Gongdeok, MyungDong and MokDong.

I think we will have to try it someday.

I'm still disappointed on their 2 hour notice.

They might not enforce it and throw us out - I hope not because that would be rude... but it just puts me off knowing that I can't relax and eat at my own pace... I'm a rather slow eater and like to take my time... sweet sweet time...

So after my second plate of main food... last plate of dessert

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

with 30 minutes remaining...:P

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

Their "cheesecake" is different now :(((((

It's not the "fluffy" kind that I like.  But the "heavier" kind.  I don't like at all.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul

 But their brownie/choco cake was yummy.  Their cookies and meringue, too.

gongdeok ashley buffet restaurant seoul
frozen persimmon bites

This new "dessert" is very Korean.  It's frozen persimmon bites, called "Hong-shi".
They're delicious!

Overall - the food was excellent.  Much better than the last time. 

However, I still don't like the 2 hour "etiquette".
They get a big no no for that one.

I don't know when we'll be back - def not to "relax" and dine... a disappointing visit definitely.

The food again was great - but the "get out here" vibe is not to like...

If you're less sensitive about "time limit" and eat rather fast - this new "etiquette" should not be a problem.  However, slow eaters beware.

I want to try their brunch menu.  For only 9,900won and 2 hours of dining - I can give that a try. 


  1. Hi there!

    Thank you for sharing your Ashley experience!! Even though there is this 2-hour limit, looks like you enjoyed your dishes :)
    Is it better than Jessica's Kitchen? Also I had a question regarding the brunch : does it work on weekends? What is the brunch about? Do you know what kind of food they would serve?
    Thanks so much for your info!! Looking forward to reading you!

    1. Hi~! Thank you for reading! :D

      I haven't been to Jessica's Kitchen to tell you how it compares-^^ and for the brunch, I believe it's also on the weekdays/ends 9am-11am.

      I am not much of a help on this~^^ if anyone knows - please do share^^

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The quality of Ashleys fluctuates by location. For example, the one in this blog seems decent, and the ones in Gangbyeon and Jamsil are proper. Cheonho and Jongno are below par. Going back to the question though, yes, Ashleys is better than Jessica's Kitchen on an overall basis (does J.K. even exist anymore? I used to go there between 2011~2013). The worst Ashleys that I've been to (Cheonho) was slightly better than J.K.
    There's also an upgraded version of Ashleys called "Ashley Queens". It's very close to Ashleys Premium in Jamsil, and although more expensive, it's well worth it.
    P.s. Ashley Queens in Apgujeong closed recently.
    P.s.s. Ashleys in Cheonho is set to close soon (according to an employee at Gangbyeon Ashleys).


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